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Cassette EP – Viet Cong

On the third last song of Viet Cong’s Cassette, vocalist Matt Flegel sings, “we are a structureless design.” After voyaging through this short, but...   Read More


Alvvays (2014) – Alvvays

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone’s teenage years were spent in a cloud of existential angst. Okay fine, for most people they were, which...   Read More


Jet Set Siempre 1˚ – Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta

As a boy in Japan, Clive Tanaka withdrew from society due to excessive bullying from his peers. He isolated himself in his room for...   Read More

andrew-bird-things-are-really-great-608x608 (1)

Things are Really Great Here, Sort of… – Andrew Bird

Anyone who has followed Andrew Bird’s musical career is aware of his chameleonic stylistic tendencies. Whether it be a blend of psychedelic folk on...   Read More

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